"Mastering the Workplace Series"
In these six, 55-minute phone calls, your success coach,
Flo Mauri will show you how to effectively address today's
workplace concerns:

As a result of taking these classes, you will be able to identify
your strengths, learn new skills and use them to solve such
workplace issues as:

"Chart Your Change Now"

Teleclasses Offered
1.  "Mastering the Workplace"

2.  "Difficult People -- Positive Approaches"

3.  "Leverage Your Smarts with E.I."

4.  "Think Tank for Career Women - A Master Mind Approach"

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"Leverage Your Smarts, Education and
  Experience with Emotional Intelligence Series"

What is the one thing that influences everything you do or say?

What would have a positive ripple effect o your daily interactions
if you applied it consistently?

It is not your brains, not your education and not your experience.
It is the application of Emotional Intelligence.

In these six, 55-minute phone calls, your success coach,
Flo Mauri will show you how to leverage your talents with the
concepts and techniques of Emotional Intelligence:

From taking these classes, you will be able to observe and
interpret behavior, get your message across, understand how to
influence others and motivate yourself to switch gears.

     "Difficult People - Positive Approaches"
                                   Level I

Whether in the workplace or in our personal lives, we encounter people, who frustrate us, makes us angry, and impact our energy reserves.  We then lose our focus and become less productive. 

Difficult people may actually be the gift to challenge us to grow and learn new coping and interpersonal skills, which will then increase our confidence.  Join me in exploring and countering the defenses and undesirable behaviors of others.

Exciting new charter program contains ground-breaking  approach.
Includes a 20 minute one-on-one laser coaching session on your    difficult person or situation.  
Limited enrollment – small group setting for maximum participation.
Teleclass recordings will be made available to participants.

Coaching Tips
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Think Tank for Career Women --
A Master Mind Group Coaching Approach

What are your goals?
Positioning yourself in a tough economy? 
Managing stress and workplace worries?  
Creating an environment for personal success? 
Bring your goals to the group, explore/create opportunities and benefit from individual coaching -- all in a master mind approach to achieve desired outcomes.

Thinking Well Consulting®
Thinking Well Consulting®
Helping you master today's workplace
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                                      The Approach
Everyone has core strengths and talents –- many of which are unknown to us.  In a safe group environment, your traits and behaviors begin to emerge, thus providing knowledge and opportunity for expansion.  In this venue, we identify values, belief systems, goals and how we interact with our environment and each other.

We explore the blocks, fears, limiting thinking patterns that hold us back.  Each session is designed to move each individual closer to their own goals and to arrive at their own evolution of consciousness.